5 Reasons to Make Your Binary Options Journey Public

5 Reasons to Make Your Binary Options Journey Public

bloggingPreviously, I talked about how to write a great binary options blog, and what goes into posting quality entries. Some people love to blog, and the idea of sharing their binary options journey with the world is an exciting one. For others, however, it may beg the question. Why would you want to share an experience online that is potentially quite painful and embarrassing? After all, it is often a struggle of years to generate any success as a trader. Why would you want to showcase your failures to the entire universe?

It can be quite intimidating to write openly about your struggles. They are painful enough after all to face on your own. There are some great benefits that come with doing it, though. That does not mean that everyone should maintain a trading blog; for some people, a private journal really may be best. But consider the following reasons for publicly sharing your successes and your failures:

1. Make new connections in the trading world.

If you struggle to get yourself involved in the binary options community, blogging is a great way to start doing it. Oftentimes it is easier to meet new people when you feel like you have something of value to share. Believe it or not, even a diary of failures can offer something value to other traders, if you keep your journal honest and your story thorough. Visitors to your blog may start conversations with you, or you might post some of your entries to binary trading forums. Either way, you start making new connections. Networking this way can help you to meet trading partners and friends, and start building a reputation in the trading world. Some of those new connections you make may even change your life.

2. Get valuable feedback on your trading.

When you post your failures publicly, you empower yourself to find solutions to your trading problems more quickly and efficiently. Quite frequently, when a fellow trader recognizes a familiar situation, perhaps a problem they had to solve on their own in the past, they will speak up and offer up a solution. People love to share their expertise and feel like they are making a difference with their knowledge and experience. By making your difficulties public, you make it easy for people to help you! In this way, you can leverage your failures to build success. All you have to do is be honest enough to share it and welcome feedback.

3. Potentially meet clients or employers.

If you do start building up a strong trading portfolio, posting your trading history publicly can lead to amazing opportunities. When people can see your performance and also understand how you continue to win regularly and reliably, they trust your results and your future performance. You might find yourself getting job offers from potential employers. You may also find yourself with other types of offers. Potential clients may want you to manage their portfolios professionally in return for a cut of the winnings. There are many ways to make a successful living from trading, not all of them obvious at first glance!

4. Develop accountability.

Do you have a difficult time staying honest with yourself about your trading? It is a common problem for many binary options traders. Accountability is not something which is easy to develop; it takes time and practice. One way to practice accountability is to do it online. When you blog, you may find yourself making a more conscious effort to be truthful about your trading activities. When you are only maintaining a private trading journal, you may not feel as self-conscious, and may find it easier to lie to yourself.

If you can become accountable to your readers, you can eventually become accountable to yourself. Remember, every time you lie to your readers, you are not only doing yourself a disservice, but doing a disservice to them as well. Your readers keep up with your trading blog because they find it educational. If you lie about your activities and mislead them about your progress, you may damage their learning process.

5. Help out other binary options traders.

And that leads us to another reason to keep a public trading journal online—and that is as a service to others. If you keep your trading journal private, you are the only person it can help. But when you make it public for all to see, you offer it up as a useful tool to others. Other binary options traders can learn from your experiences right along with you, finding out what did and did not work for you. When you become accountable for your mistakes in public, you set a sterling example of what it takes to succeed in trading. You remind other traders that it pays off to be humble and honest, and to stick with trading even when the going gets tough.

Reading trading blogs can help you figure out how to get the most out of your own blogging endeavor. You will probably notice time and again that the most helpful blogs are not all about success and perfect months and exponential growth. Many of the very best blogs you will read will come from struggling novice and intermediate traders who are willing to put themselves out there and really share the hard times as well as the good. These traders understand that to pursue success, you must first face failure. Sharing failure with the world may be painful, but when your willingness to do so starts paying off, you will feel better about it fast!


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