30 Second Options

You may have noticed that we have a new notice on our front page right now about GOptions introducing 30 second options to their lineup. This is very exciting—most binary options brokers only offer 60 second options. And 60 second options are already very fast—but 30 second options are twice as fast! In fact, this makes GOptions one of the most flexible binary options brokers out there for scalpers.

Why trade 30 second options? There are a ton of great reasons for all types of traders—those who are trading for a living and those who are just trading for fun to try their luck. Here are five reasons you should consider trading these turbo options and getting in the ultra-fast lane!


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5 Reasons to Trade 30 Second Options

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30 second options are exciting.

This is probably the most obvious reason to trade 30 second options, especially if you are trading to gamble for entertainment. If you are already a binary options trader and you have already traded 60 second options, you know just how thrilling it can be to put your wager out there, knowing that in just one minute, you’ll either win or lose. Now imagine the action moving twice that fast, and winning or losing it all in just half a minute. If it’s the excitement that draws you to binary options, this is one of the most exhilarating opportunities out there.

Great for trading the news.

If you are a fundamental analysis trader, and you place trades based off the release of news reports and other major events, then you already know how fast the market can move after a report. You also know how fast it can recover and return to relative normalcy. If you are still in a trade past that time, you can lose everything you might have made with a shorter expiry.

This can pose a serious problem for binary options traders, because even brokers that permit early closure of trades impose severe restrictions on the use of that feature. You may be required to hold the trade for a certain time period before you can exit early, and that time might be too long for you to profit. 60 second trades may help you to get around this, but sometimes that is still just too long.

If you know you require a faster exit from your trades, then 30 second trades can help you to solve your problem. You will be able to get out of your trades in time to lock in your profits. Make sure to test this kind of system and become a true expert in economics before you attempt to use it.

Perfect for scalpers.

Not all traders who play very short time frames like this are fundamental analysis traders. Any scalper can benefit from 30 second expiry times, including those who trade based off other methods, like technical analysis and price action. Profitable scalpers are few and far between, but for some people, this really is the best way to trade. If you have an excellent system that would allow you to be profitable if only you could take advantage of shorter expiry times, you may have your chance now that 30 second trades are being introduced on GOptions. Once again, make sure you do your testing before you start trading this kind of system live with real money.

Trade small amounts of money.

If you are starting your account with the minimum deposit ($200), you cannot really subscribe to sound money management principles unless you are trading a very small amount of money on each of your options. That means though that you may find the minimum threshold too high on other trade types. What is too high? It helps to know what “reasonable” is. If you are trading for fun, that is pretty much up to you. Ask yourself how many trades you are willing to lose at before you blow your bankroll and cannot trade anymore, and use that as the basis for your percentage. If you are trading for serious profit, a number close to 3% is good.

Most trade types offered by the majority of brokers have a minimum investment threshold which is close to $20 or $25. That is way more than 3% of $200. With 30 and 60 second options, you are able to open a trade with a smaller minimum investment. This allows you to trade a smaller percentage of your account as a whole.

30 second options are simple and easy to learn to trade.

Most of the reasons I have listed to trade 30 second trades are specific to those types of trades, but if you are new to binary options altogether, it is worth mentioning that there are fewer ways to trade which are as easy to learn as binary options. You can learn to trade 30 second options almost as quickly as you can trade them! It takes only minutes to learn the interface, open an account, fund it, and place your first trade. So if you are excited about jumping in and making your first investment, you are only minutes away from the fun.

Note that binary options can be used to make serious money, but only if you are willing to invest more time into learning how to trade like a pro. Whether you are gambling for fun or trading for profit, be cautious, learn the ropes, and use good money management rules. This will help you to conserve your bankroll and enjoy more 30 second trades—hopefully with some seriously lucrative results!