4 Ways Binary Options Trading is Like Poker

4 Ways Binary Options Trading is Like Poker

screenshot-cake-poker-03There are a lot of binary options traders who are attracted to trading because they enjoy playing at online casinos.  There is a big overlap in part because there are a lot of commonalities between trading online and gambling online.  Both entail an element of risk, and give you a chance to either win or lose a large amount of money quickly.  There is a chance you may lose your entire bankroll, but then again, you might just win big and take the house one night.

What type of game is binary options most similar to, though?  Certainly not roulette or the slot machines.  Gamblers who play casino games like these rely entirely on Lady Luck.  Binary options is far more closely related to a casino game like poker.  Poker is a great deal more complex than binary options are, but there are many elements which they share in common.  In fact, if you lean toward a game like poker at your favorite online casino, and are not as interested in games of pure chance like roulette, you may very much enjoy trading binary options.  Here are four ways in which binary options trading and poker are similar.


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  1. Lots to learn.

Binary options is a lot more basic than poker as far as mechanics go.  You can learn how to trade binary options (not successfully) within just minutes.  Learning the basics of poker takes a bit longer than that, since poker is a relatively complex game.  The reality about binary options, though, if you want to win is that there is a great deal of information you need to soak up.  Just as researching strategies is important when you want to play to win, researching trading strategies is essential if you want to trade binary options successfully.

Professional poker players are always learning more about their game.  It isn’t knowing the basic mechanics that makes you a great player.  It is a deep understanding of probabilities and sentiment.  Factors like those also play into the investing world, so the more you learn, the better your odds of success become.  Professional traders also continue to read and research even after they have been trading for years.

  1. You can make a living at both.

That is another similarity between poker and binary options, and a very exciting one at that.  Maybe you are just trading to have fun, and you love your day job.  But maybe you are looking for a more interesting and enjoyable career which give you a chance to build up your income exponentially.

No gambler has ever made a living playing roulette or slot machines.  It is simply impossible because neither of those casino games gives you any chance at recurring profits.  Luck is no way to make a living.  There are professionals who make a living off of poker, though.  And likewise, there are binary options traders who do nothing but trade for a living.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to quit your day job?  It may not happen soon, but it is an option.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

With binary options, as with poker, you need to get a lot of practice at the game before you can get really good at it.  It is wise to spend some time practicing without real money on the line in both cases.  Pro poker players spend a lot of time playing with friends and without any real risk on the table so they can hone their skills.  As a binary options trader, you can do the same thing by practicing with a demo account.  A demo account allows you to trade with virtual money instead of trading with your own hard-earned cash.  Practice enough, and you may have a shot at becoming a pro trader!

  1. Developing skill can give you an edge.

In poker, you can get an edge over other players and come out on top more often than not if you work on developing your skills.  There is no possibility of doing that with games of pure chance.  Binary options, like poker, is not a game of pure chance.  There is luck involved, but skill plays just as much of a role, if not more.  As a result, you can turn the odds in your favor simply by studying and practicing, as suggested previously.  With a great edge, you have a real shot at taking the house.

Binary options trading is a great way to make money and have fun.  If you enjoy a game where there is skill involved and where practice makes perfect, you will probably enjoy trading.  If you like to play poker at the casinos instead of games of pure chance, you have the perfect personality type to get the most out of trading.

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