BinRobot-Lady Review


Rating section:

  • Bonuses: 0/100
  • Software: 90/100
  • Customer Support: 25/100
  • Software settings: 90/100
  • Overall: 80/100



For the bonus section on, we rated it as 0/100 as the company does not offer any kind of bonuses. The trading software scored a high rating of 90/100 as it comes with several advanced features not found on other trading robots. As for customer support, due to the fact that traders can only contact the customer support through a web contact form, it scored a low rating of 25/100.

For the rating on software settings, it scored a high rating of 90/100 due to the high level of customization which the software is able to provide its user with.

With the rising popularity of binary options trading in the last few years, many ancillary services have also sprung up to support this industry. Most notable of these ancillary services is the automated binary trading software or trading robots as they are often called. Unfortunately for binary traders who are thinking of using these trading robots, most of the products that exist on the internet are scams, often promising their users unrealistic trading results.

As such, it is quite rare for any binary options review site to do a review on any of these automated trading robots. Of course, there are few exceptions. One of these trading robots that are worth mentioning is the binary trading software.


Company information is a newly established company that specializes in providing binary options trading services too its subscribers. Apart from the fact that the company is tied up with several leading binary options brokers, not much else is known about the company behind this trading robot software. What most people are aware of is the fact that this trading software performs comparatively better than most other trading robot software in the industry.


Trading Software

To date, most of the trading robot software that can be found on the internet has one or two things in common. Either they do not reveal any information on how the software works, or the information which they have provided is vague in nature. With, this is not the case. It is clearly explained as to how the software relies on comparative analysis to identify a profitable trade. A cloud based software, this product requires no download or installation. This enables a subscriber to immediately start trading once he has registered and opened a trading account. In addition, as the software is cloud based, it can be accessed from any Internet capable devices, with any updated web browser.


How the Software Works

While most binary trading robots on the internet rely on algorithms to create a trading signal, the software trading strategy is akin to a money management strategy. Basically, there are 3 systems which the software trading strategy is based on, the “Classic system”, the “Fibonacci system” and the “Martingale system”.


For beginner traders, the Classic system is the most suitable one to use as it is the most conservative. Trades are executed based on the principle of gradually building up the deposit. The software analyzes the market and looks for:


  • Points at which the market is likely to reverse
  • Sustainable trends


For traders with a higher risk appetite, the Martingale system will be more suited to their trading needs. The system aims to maximize profits within the shortest possible time. This works by doubling the trade amount each time a trade closes out of the money. The main drawback of this however is the fact that you will require a substantially larger amount of investment capital.

The Fibonacci system on the other hand relies on a set of “golden ratios” which are found in nature. The division of these ratios will always yield the same result, which is 0.618. Trades are made at the levels of these ratios, as defined on the price chart.

Although the trading software bases its trades on 3 different types of trading system, the signals generated ultimately depend on how the user of the trading software sets the indicator settings. As mentioned earlier, the system works on the analysis of the markets. These analyses are generated through the use of popular technical indicators such as MACD or RSI. With the software, there are 6 different types of technical indicators to choose from namely “Trend”, “RS”, “Williams”, “MACD”, “Stoch” and “CCI”.


Users of the software can set the software to base its analysis on one of these technical indicators or with several of these indicators at the same time. The more indicators that are selected, the more accurate the trading analysis will be. At the same time, the number of trading signals will decrease due to the “stricter” conditions.


Manual Trading

While the primary objective of using the software is to help traders automate the trading process, you can have more control over your trades by setting the software to trade on manual mode. Instead of having the trading signals generated to trigger the software to trade automatically, the signals will now become mere recommendations. Upon receiving the signals, you will decide if you want to trade based on the signals received. This offers you better control over your trading risks.


Software Performance

In terms of the performance of the software, it is claimed that the average win rate is 2 to 1. This means that for every 2 trades that close in the money, you should expect the third trade to close out of the money. In terms of percentage win, this works out roughly to be around 67%. While this figure is significantly lower than what other automated binary options trading software promises, we find this figure of 67% to be more realistic.

Nevertheless, the developer of the software does specify that the trading results may vary according to the settings adopted by the user. It should also be noted that this level of customization has never been found in other automated binary trading robots that are available on the internet today.


Software Cost

As for the cost of the software, it is available free of charge to binary options traders that sign up for a trading account through this trading platform. itself does not provide traders with any trading account. Instead the trading accounts are provided by the brokers that are affiliated with In most cases, to open a trading account, the minimum deposit requirement is typically $250. As to how makes its money, the platform receives a commission from the brokers for every client that signs up for a trading account.


Customer Support

In terms of customer support, the’s website is rather weak. Apart from making their website available in 50 different languages, the only way that a subscriber of the software can contact the support team is by means of a web contact form. There are no alternative methods such as live chat or email which a subscriber can use to communicate with the support team at



While there are limitations to the software, overall we are more confident of the performance of this software than those others that are currently found on the internet. Beginner binary options traders will definitely find this software useful as it removes the need of the traders to conduct their own market analysis. In addition, the level of customization that is available on the software gives its user far more control over the trades executed automatically by the software.


  • Advanced software that relies on popular proven technical indicators
  • Automate the trading process
  • Realistic win rate of 67%
  • Support Manual Trading
  • User Friendly Interface



  • Lack of information about supported binary options brokers
  • No email or Live chat support
  • No verified performance data



Is a regulated platform?

No, software is not a regulated binary option trading platform. The company that provided the software is not a broker. Binary options trading services are instead provided by the binary brokers that are affiliated with


What is the percentage win rate of the software? does not have a specific win rate for the software. This is due to the fact that the trading results vary according to the settings adopted by its user. However, traders can expect a win rate of rough 2 to 1 on the average.


Is a demo account available for the software?

Yes, a demo account is available for those who want to try out the software.


How do I gain access to the software?

To gain access to the software, you are required to register first. Next, place a deposit with the selected broker and after that, you will be able to start trading with the software.